Outreach Team Comes Alive at the County Fair

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ELKHORN, WI (Wednesday, August 29, 2018).  The Walworth County Fair goers will come alive with an onsite flash mob performed by the Open Arms Free Clinic Volunteer Outreach Team on August 29th.  Over 100 volunteers have prepared the joyful expression of outreach to the The Greatest Showman movie soundtrack song, “Come Alive” under the direction of The Dance Factory Choreographer, Garrett Vopendesta.   Larry Gaffey, General Manager for the Walworth County Fairgrounds, was excited for the opportunity. “We are always looking for ways to support the community and bring excitement to the fair.  The performance by Open Arms fit perfectly with this year’s theme, “Country Nights and Carnival Lights.”

“Years ago I dreamed of running a public health community clinic and I was given this opportunity to live my dream after meeting Fr. Dan Sanders, Founder of Open Arms Free Clinic”, shares Sara Nichols, Executive Director for Open Arms Free Clinic. “My soul’s purpose is to provide opportunities for individuals to live their dream. When I heard the song “Come Alive” and the story behind P.T. Barnum, there was a flash idea that we need to be bigger in telling the story of Open Arms Free Clinic.  We are a unique organization as a volunteer-driven, donor-supported free medical clinic. However, even after 5 years of serving over 2,500 patients in our community, many people still don’t know who or what we are. There are over 8,000 people in Walworth County who don’t have health insurance.  Where are they getting their medical care? There are hundreds of retirees in the community. Have they found purposeful use of their time and talents? I asked our courageous volunteers to be bold and get people to take notice, thus the flash mob at the county fair.”