Volunteer Appreciation Week 2019

April 8, 2019 – Open Arms Free Clinic Volunteer Appreciation Event, Abbey Springs, Fontana, WI.

Is it really Spring already? It feels like we had the perfect time celebrating our amazing volunteers. Delicious food, a gorgeous day, I couldn’t have ordered a more perfect evening!

As I was walking around the party taking pictures, it became clear that the clinic has become a place for diverse people to come together to take care of their community, and in doing so, each other. The impact on the patients and community cannot be overstated. Sara Nichols did an excellent job of acknowledging the thousands of hours donated, and I can only add my voice to chorus of thank-yous that fall short of showing their true appreciation for what you do. I also was struck, though, by how much the you were caring for one another. Talking, laughing, sharing stories, it was all building each other up. You care for the people around you in any way they need, whether it’s a kind word in the exam room or a funny pose at the photo booth.

Personally, I have felt so welcomed by the people I have met. We have shared stories in the kitchen, recipes at the nurses station, and heartache in the back where no one can see. Thank you for being friends, teachers, and confidants.

I hope that whether you were at the dinner or not, you know that you are appreciated. You are a Lifesaver!


Kate Smith

Community Relations Coordinator

Recruit your family and friends at our Ways to Help page so they can become a Lifesaver too!